WizKid Releases Nigeria-Dedicated Album “Made In Lagos” Featuring Skepta, H.E.R., & More


WizKid captures the vibe of Lagos in his new album, which features Skepta, Burna Boy, H.E.R., Ella Mai, Damian Marley, and more.

WizKid is officially back with his highly-anticipated new album Made In Lagos.

Nigeria has been hurting lately. The country has been protesting for #ENDSARS, which has seen the support of celebrities across the world, including Beyoncé, Rihanna, and more. We’re all praying and hoping for healing in Nigeria as the situation continues.

One of the most globally-known artists from Nigeria, WizKid is doing his part in raising awareness to combat the police brutality in his country. He was initially due to release his new album, titled Made In Lagos, on October 15. However, the project was pushed back by a couple of weeks, being released today.

“It has been beautiful to see Nigerians around the world coming together to protest against police brutality,” said the Starboy artist. “Unity is key. The youth of Nigeria need our collective voices to continue to shine a spotlight to what is happening inside the country. I want to play my part in this and in the movement for a better Nigeria, a better place to live for ourselves, our families – our communities. We will get through this together. Together we move. #endSARS.”

Made In Lagos is out now, featuring Skepta, H.E.R., Burna Boy, Ella Mai, Damian Marley, and more.

Listen to it below.


1. Reckless
2. Ginger (feat. Burna Boy)
3. Longtime (feat. Skepta)
4. Mighty Wine
5. Blessed (feat. Damian Marley)
6. Smile (feat. H.E.R.)
7. Piece Of Me (feat. Ella Mai)
8. No Stress
9. True Love
10. Sweet One
11. Essence
12. Roma (feat. Terri)
13. Gyrate
14. Grace

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