New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.71

Casanova Opens Up About His Struggles On “Stress”



Casanova details inner turmoil on “Stress.”

There’s more than meets the eye with Casanova. The rapper’s been living his best life over the past few years since being taken off of probation but despite the grandiose Instagram flexes, there are still issues that he has to deal with behind closed doors. His recent release, “Stress” details some of his struggles behind closed doors. Financial troubles to mental health struggles and the passing of Pop Smoke, Cas bares his soul on the record and delivers a type of vulnerability we’re not necessarily used to from him

“Those who really know me can vouch for me I never did drugs n my life but I caught myself taking anti-depressant meds, which is called Trazodone.I always told myself I’ll never abuse no pill… by the grace of god I caught myself,” he said about the song on IG. “This song was made in a dark place.I know I’m not the only one feeling stressed… this is for the people that can relate, I just hope 2020 go away!!!!!”

Quotable Lyrics
Don’t wanna talk about spinnin’ blocks or drillin’ opps
Look how they did that n***a Pop, man, I’m still in shock
How they don’t care if you a kid or not? If you live or not?
I’m just glad we went to that dinner spot so we could chop it up

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