New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.18

Drake & Chris Brown Opine About Girl Trouble On “Not You Too”

Image via Drake

Image via Drake

Drake and Chris Brown link up for another collaboration that will have fans on the edge of their seat.

This past Thursday, music fans began to freak out on Twitter as rumors swirled that Drake would be releasing a brand new mixtape. Of course, that mixtape was eventually revealed to be the Dark Lane Demo Tapes project which is a collection of leaks and demos from Drake’s recent exploits in the studio. The project contains a ton of features, including another ballad with the likes of Chris Brown called “Not You Too.”

On this particular track, Brown takes more of a backseat as he provides the background vocals during the verses and sometimes, the chorus. Meanwhile, throughout the verses, Drake talks about a woman he has been dying to be with and how by now, they should be an item. However, as is the case with much of Drake’s subject matter, things just didn’t work out.

Give this record a spin as you attempt to get through these quarantine blues.

Quotable Lyrics:

Trust me and I can set you free
Left your man, came straight to me
You the real MVP, my love
Ride dirty like Pimp C

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