New & Hottest Songs – February 2020 – Pt.41

The Jacka & Freddie Gibbs Link Up On “Can’t Go Home”



R.I.P. The Jacka!

The legacy of The Jacka lives on five years after his passing. The Bay Area native was shot dead in 2015 but his friends, family and peers in the rap game continue to carry his name even when he’s not with us anymore. His estate recently announced his new album, Murder Weapon which is set to arrive on Feb. 28th.

To kick off the campaign, his team unleashed “Can’t Go Home” featuring Freddie Gibbs. Over a smooth, crisp, soulful beat, the two rappers unleash pain from their experiences in the streets. Gibbs, once again, flexes his vocal range a bit more than he ever has in the past. Although he’s done this on his earlier projects, he’s honing into it a lot more. It works for the song, as well. Gibbs contrasts his otherwise rough vocal performance while meshing the melodies with the smoothness of the hook.

Quotable Lyrics
Since I touched the game, that shit ain’t been the same
They tryna freeze me out but they can’t kill the Kane
Make a million every time I drop so fuck the fame
I can put some young’ns on your bumper for a piece of change

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