Tyga Moves Into $13 Million Luxurious Bel-Air Mansion

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner On Good Terms Despite Tyga Run-In: Report
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Honey, I’m home!

Aside from Tyga‘s latest “Mamacita” single, the rapper’s been talked about lately in regards to his ex Kylie Jenner and certain reports that suggest they’ve re-kindle their past romance since Kylie and Travis Scott reportedly broke up. It’s safe to assume that the latter may be some fan fiction and Tyga’s recent move into a Bel-air mansion may be the proving point since he isn’t so close to Kylie’s Hidden Hills home.

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According to The Los Angeles Times, Tyga is dropping $58,000 a month to rent out the 13,000-square-foot home that sits on two acres of property with a 70-foot swimming pool. The home also boasts six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, 12-18 foot ceilings and a 1,200-square-foot guesthouse. The home was newly built this year and, according to the publication, is just four miles from Kylie Jenner’s home – peep the photos here.

Tyga’s new home is clearly a product of his new “multi-million” dollar deal with Columbia Records. “They definitely understand the global brand,” the “Taste” rapper said of his deal. “I have a lot of fans worldwide — in places I’ve never been like South America, and in places  I have been like Asia and Europe. They can help bring that to a larger scale.

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