Cassie Is Ready To Face Motherhood & Wants Daughter To Be Inspired By Her Music


Cassie’s Boyfriend Alex Fine Sees Right Through Diddy’s Congratulatory Post: Report
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This is an exciting new chapter for the singer.

This last year has been transformative for Cassie Ventura. She and Diddy broke up after being together for over a decade, she’s introduced the world to her new beau Alex Fine, she’s recently announced that she’s expecting her first child, and she dropped two new songs after a lengthy hiatus from music. The 32-year-old has reclaimed her life during a time that many people expected her to retreat and fall off, and she shared pieces of her journey with the magazine L’official.

“My priorities have absolutely changed, not just for creating an amazing future and life for my daughter, but because I want her to be proud of me,” Cassie said. Both she and Fine shared with their followers that they’re expecting a daughter, a challenge that Cassie cannot wait to face. “I’ve heard people say that they’re nervous to raise females in today’s world, but I’m excited! I can’t wait to see her grow, learn and challenge the world right back!”

“[I want to be] the kind of role model that shows her that she can be whomever she wants to be and that she has all of the love and support in the world,” the singer continued. “I hope to make her understand the bigger picture in life and that you don’t have to solely be one thing in this world. I want her to know that she can choose. My music is just part of a legacy that I wish to leave behind, for her and other women to be inspired by.”

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