Vybz Kartel’s “Loving Every Minute” Defies The Laws Of Treason


World Boss gets paid, behind bars.

Incarceration hasn’t stopped World Boss from being his productive self. For Vybz Kartel, told to withstand another 30-odd year before his parole officer, “Loving Every Minute” always has a philosophical ring to it. His new single speaks of an elevated platform that was built in his honor.

Think about it. For a convicted murderer to speak in prophecy, about a life well-spent, he must readily believe in his essentialist form, having graduated from the corporeal world to something more significant. The manner he addresses the audience on “Loving Every Minute” is edifying as much as it symbolizes his self-afflicted nature: a mistake-ridden martyr.

But on all levels, like anything Dancehall-related, “Loving Every Minute” isn’t the solemn number from a man in his position. Vybz’ latest offering will serve you well for any dress-down occasion or function. His us with your thoughts in the comment section below. “Loving Every Minute” is but the latest in a series of improbable ventures bearing his name in 2019, so stay attuned.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ye we living, we nuh see nuh limit
Money visit, full it to di brim it
Spend a lili, grand or if a milli
When we dead we cya carry nuttin wid we
So we living & wi loving every minute.

– World Boss

Vybz Kartel
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