ll Money In’s J. Stone Announces 2 Collaborations With The Game

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All Money In’s J. Stone Announces 2 Collaborations With The Game

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The Game is continuing to honor Nipsey Hussle by collaborating with one of the late rapper’s artists. J. Stone, who’s signed to Nipsey’s All Money In imprint, says he and Game have created two songs together.

In an Instagram post from Saturday (May 11), Stone shared a story about the first time he and Nipsey met Game.

“13 years ago Me & @nipseyhussle was on Slauson in front of master burger wit about 20 of our homies wit us,” Stone wrote. “Nip spot a Range Rover at the red light and said… ‘That’s The Game (@losangelesconfidential) in that Range right there, I’m bout to go meet cuz and hand him my tape’ and start walking up to the trucc.”

He continued, “Nip was fearless, that’s what I respect about him so I went with him. Game rolled his window down, Nip like ‘I’m Nipsey Hussle I got my own label Slauson Boy Records’ and slid him the tape. Game said ‘I been hearing bout you, keep doin yo shit’ then I introduced myself… ‘I’m J Stone from…’ He shook my hand and said ‘That’s right homie, The Game….’ then the light turned green, we all threw up our neighborhoods and me & Nip walked away.”

Stone closed out his post by noting what Nipsey told him and announcing his tracks with Game.

“I was like… ‘Damn, cuz knew who you was’ nip said ‘That’s Crazy huh, but did you see that Glocc on his lap tho,’” he wrote. “I’m like ‘On God, Game a Real One” and the rest was history. #RipNipHussle We made 2 songs last night, they on the way. #TheMarathonContinues.”

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