2 Chainz Smokes “Intelligent Bong” In New “The Most Expensivest” Trailer

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 John Ricard/Getty Images

Tity Boi lamps in the lap of luxury.

2 Chainzhas always been a man of extravagant tastes, deftly toeing the line between a learned man of experience and a genuinely wealthy man with no shortage of “fu*k-you money.” The latter side of his persona has been masterfully captured on his Viceland series The Most Expensivest, which returns on June 11th with the third season. A new trailer has provided a glimpse into what we can come to expect, as 2 Chainz discovers all manner of ridiculously expensive new toys with which to play.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

One of said toys is an “intelligent bong,” which costs eight-thousand in hard-earned dollars. While the nuances of what makes it intelligent will likely be revealed when the episode airs, though it would appear that Tity is left floored by whatever he’s consuming. He also dabbles in virtual reality, toy pet simulators, live sumo wrestling, $250 bottles of hot sauce (“this some white folk shit!”), and much more. There also appears to be a cameo from Amber Rose, in case you’re keeping score.

Have you been following 2 Chainz’ adventure in wealth? If so, will you be tuning in for another go-around?

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