Timbaland has finally sold his 10,689 square foot Florida mansion following a year of dealing with a tenant from hell.

According to The Blast, Timbo first purchased the property in 2004 for $3.4 million and put it up for sale back in 2017 following his split with his ex-wife Monique Mosley. The $4.49 million asking price kept declining as it became difficult to attract buyers.

While awaiting a buyer, Timbo rented out the massive digs to a man named William Zamora. Things went sour though, escalating to the point of a police intervention and lawsuit as Zamora refused to vacate the premises.

Zamora, whose life was seemingly falling apart, allegedly caused over $100,000 in damages. Timbo is still attempting to recoup the money as part of his ex-tenant’s ongoing bankruptcy case.

New Era Investment Properties is the new owner of the property, purchasing it for only $1.8 million. But, it sounds as though Timbaland is just happy to move on despite taking a $1.59 million loss.