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Lizzo Teases The Missy Elliott Collaboration Experience


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Lizzo may be new to the game, but she’s already caught a legend’s ear.

Lizzo has been putting in work. Many have already gravitated toward the singer’s unapologetic confidence and refreshing throwback sound, including one of the game’s prominent legends. As it happens, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott has taken a great interest in Lizzo, and actually got in touch with the up-and-comer for a collaboration. Lizzo detailed the process during a recent interview on Beats 1, speaking with Travis Mills.

 “This new one I heard it, and I was so obviously Missy, and I was like I hope she blesses me with a verse. Like you never know, you send it to your idols, you never now if they gonna send it back,” explains Lizzo. “She sent me an emoji of herself singing her verse, that’s how I got the verse. I got an emoji of Missy like smiling and then she just started rapping, and I was like, “OMG what the hell” so I had to hook it up to my speaker system but it wasn’t even the actual track, it was like her going along in her studio so… and then she finally the track over real one and this was insane she killed.”

For more from Lizzo, check out the rest of the interview below. Have you been keeping an eye on her trajectory? Should you be intrigued, check out one of her latest drops right here. After all, not everyone can secure a feature from one of the women who shaped hip-hop as we have come to know it. 

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