Meek Mill jumped on Instagram to serve the Rap game notice. Rick Ross put a lot of energy into manifesting Stalley‘s career (so did Stalley), and with that, he was gone on quite the tangent – but Meek Mill’s ear for talent, now that’s another story. The talent pool in hip-hop is way deep, once you weed through all the imposters.

Those who see nothing but GARBATION on the horizon probably witnessed something traumatic – the bad eggs certainly do exist. Either that or the jaded listener forgot to clear to their cache of musical miscarriages. Even though in reality, Meek’s protégé is really just some White kid that popped up on his feed. The bespectacled rapper-kid if you will, still speaks to something profoundly bummy about the commercialism of Rap, but I doubt there’s any reason to explore the more obvious connotations in play.

Think about it: Meek Mill jokingly copies NBA Youngboy’s brand story, swapping the NBA for the NHL, a professional sporting league we can safely say has a lot more White folks within its ranks. The kid’s appearance is the least concerning aspect of his overall performance: kid’s drawl is a little overcooked, but not nearly as much as his unflinching delivery of the N-Word. Would you, yourself, sign on the dotted line?