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Styles P Blasts J-Hood Over ‘My Expert Opinion’ Remarks: “Stop Lying On People’s Names”

J-Hood suggested members of The LOX may owe him $60K.

Styles P was quick to defend himself and his LOX brethren this week after former D-Block member J-Hood claimed the crew may have finessed him out of $60K.

During J-Hood’s recent appearance on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, the rapper recalled his home burning down and using his $25K advance from the group to address the unfortunate incident. However, KOCH Ent. label execs allegedly told the artist that he was actually given a $60K check to put towards repairs, renovations, etc. He claims he never received the check, leading him to believe Styles, Sheek Louch or DJ Supa Mario (whom he claims were authorized to sign on his behalf) may have pocketed the label’s donation.


The Ghost, highly offended by the questioning of his character, took to social media to address Hood’s claims, saying that he isn’t owed a dime from the crew that, “made you into the artist you are.”


“Here it is 20 years later,” Styles said. “Louch been in your house to fight your father for you before. Ni**as gave your mother money when your house burned down. We actually made you into the artist you are. Louch used to argue with Flex to play your sh*t, but you’re owed 60 G’s?”

The lyricist went on to describe the “sucker sh*t” J-Hood allegedly put the group through regarding his publishing.

“The label didn’t really want to f**k with you but you’re owed 60 G’s? And the sucker sh*t that I ain’t even say, you know you not, you ain’t owed 60 G’s cause you tried to f**king sue us. You went to the lawyers, you tried to say we had your publishing to see we didn’t have your publishing.”


“I love you I wish you the best keep doing what you doing but keep our f**king name out your mouth, you speak on our name with respect,” the Yonkers rep added. “Nobody owes you a damn thing and stop lying on people’s names.”

Styles also had words for Hoffa, believing the show host should’ve fact-checked Hood’s claims.


“You know I usually don’t feed into this. Math, I’m disappointed in you, bro,” Styles said. “On My Expert Opinion, you didn’t ask me anything about J-Hood. Then you want to have J-Hood up there. You could have called me on my line to fact-check the sh*t he was saying but you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to working and getting business out, but that my man was some wack a** sh*t.

J-Hood believes Styles P, Sheek Louch, and/or DJ Supa Mario may owe him $60K. Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

“But I get it, love is love, I still love y’all, I still love the show I get what it is, but next time you could G check or fact-check the thing,” he continued. “One, we ain’t no clickbait group, Louch don’t owe you a f**king interview, and nobody definitely don’t owe J-Hood no f**king 60 G’s. I’m really disappointed in J-Hood, to be honest with you.”

Hoffa replied to Styles’ remarks within the comment section of a reposted clip, writing, “Since we doing internet sh*t… I’ll respond then maybe JoJo can give me ya # (cuz I don’t have it) or maybe Kiss can answer his text or The week I held the interview Sheek could’ve reached back but it’s all love. I wonder if Angie or flex would’ve been ‘wack’ for doing the same interview…”

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