Ab-Soul Details Suicide Attempt: “I Got A Lot Of Work To Do Still”

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One of the most prolific voices in Hip Hop, Ab-Soul, is opening up in a new interview with Charlamagne Tha God. Today (December 16), the Top Dawg Entertainment standout delivered Herbert, his first studio album in six years. The rollout to the project’s arrival has been fierce as Ab, a quiet figure in the industry, hopped from one outlet to the next to share more of his journey.

This week, he teased his intimate interview with Charlamagne. Deservingly, Ab boasted about his skills, but it wasn’t all about his lyrical abilities. It was suggested earlier this week that he may have endured a suicide attempt, and now, Ab is sharing more about the harrowing experience.

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The Carson native said he was lost during this time, but the experience did help him rid himself of unhealthy habits.

“I did not get any brain damage, I jumped off a freeway overpass, man, it was about 50 feet.” He also added, “I think a car broke my fall. No brain damage. It’s God. That was, ‘Alright bro, now sit down and shut up. Take it all in. Relax. You blessed, man.’”

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“I pretty much finished the album before I did what I did,” he said elsewhere. “How I’m choosing to take it is—and I’m not giving it credit—but it brought me down to a place where I needed to be as vulnerable as possible. And as soon as I said everything I needed to say, I jumped.”

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Ab-Soul also recalled waking up on the ground and thinking, “F*cking idiot.” He added, “I woke up on the floor, bro. Yanked me up, I passed back out and woke up in the hospital.”

“I literally walked from my mom’s house. It was kinda cinematic, too. [I was] on Del Amo Boulevard, my street. The subconscious me was trying to make this cinematic. ‘Oh, he died in Del Amo! He was the king of Carson, oh my god!’ It was cinematic, you know what I’m saying?”

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He also shared the effects of the attempt. Ab revealed he lost his teeth and is wearing a flipper.

“I ain’t even got my implants yet. My jaw’s fucked up, I got a lot of work to do still. My foot is completely reconstructed, all the way to my pelvis. Everything but my knee. It doesn’t even make sense that my knee wasn’t affected. My femur, everything was affected except my knee.”

Additionally, if his knee would have been injured, the rapper believes he wouldn’t be able to walk.

Herbert has already received rave reviews as fans and critics dissect the rapper’s ability to turn inward and express his truth as a wordsmith. We’re glad to see Ab is on the mend and in a better place. Stream Herbert by Ab-Soul above.


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