JT Goes Live With Nicki Minaj, Gives Her Her Flowers

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Nicki made JT recite the diss song she made about her years ago.

On September 9, Nicki Minaj released her Queen Mix of “Super Freaky Girl.” The four-minute record featured a host of female rappers, one being JT of the City Girls. The Florida native had the first verse on the record and has been raving about it ever since. Overjoyed by her opportunity, JT decided to pay homage to Nicki once again.

Last night, the two entertainers hopped on Instagram live to have a conversation. During their talk, the 29-year-old labeled the Trinidadian as one of her idols. “As female rappers, when we go in the studio, we have to study Nicki Minaj, and that’s just the truth,” she said. JT added that when it comes to inspiration, the mother of one is her go-to. She recalled telling her engineers, “D*mn this b*tch cold. How the f*ck has she did this for so many motherf*cking years?”

JT admitted that her best verses came after she studied the greats. “You have to study people, and you have to write that sh*t down,” she said.

While their talk was filled with love and appreciation, Nicki changed the direction when she asked JT to complete a task. Years ago, JT created a diss song, and the 39-year-old was dying to hear her recite it.

“… diss records about me when you were in the car. How that song go? Rap that song right now,” the artist urged. Following her instructions, JT rhymed, “Nicki can’t rap no f*cking beat/She ain’t even from the streets/Ima drop you like a bag of groceries.”

Watch the video below.

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