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Dave East Shows Out On “Gangsta”



Dave East unveils his latest record, “Gangsta.”

Dave East has been getting back to rapping full time in recent times. The Harlem spitter’s expanded beyond the world of music over the past few years, dabbling in modeling, transitioning to acting, and establishing himself as a businessman. However, his latest releases have shown that he’s getting back to basics.

This week, the rapper returned with his latest single, “Gangsta.” Produced by Buda and Grangz, the soulful vocal sample echoes as East reminds people of where he comes from. He recollects his uncle’s involvement in drug trafficking at a young age and details how these impressions affected the way he moves today. Ultimately, it’s a reminder that he’s always gonna come out on top when the odds are stacked against him.

Check out the latest from Dave East below.

Quotable Lyrics
Everybody talking powder, I can’t even front, n***as wanted soft first
Never nothing but a hard verse, in the hood, it feels like we all cursed
This is for my cousin V and all of my other n***as on that yard work
Scammin’ n***as in the field, I feel your pain hopin’ that them cards work

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