Ahead of the arrival of his God Did project next weekend, DJ Khaled dropped by the Drink Champs studios to chop it up with Noreaga and DJ EFN about his illustrious career, as well as what fans can expect to hear from the impending album.

The lead single, “Staying Alive” featuring Drake and Lil Baby arrived earlier this month, and while fans were more than satisfied with the collaboration, it seems we may hear more of Drizzy on the album’s other titles.

While sitting at the table, N.O.R.E. began listing off who Khaled tapped to appear alongside him. “We got Hov, fully, vocals are in.” The “All I Do Is Win” artist shot back, “BEEN in.”

“We got Drake, vocals are in,” the host continued. “Vocals with an s,” this week’s guest quickly noted, seemingly hinting that Champagne Papi’s voice could be appearing on at least one other song, if not more.

EFN then pressed Khaled for more information on the number of songs featuring Drake, as well as JAY-Z, prompting the megaproducer to reveal that Hov requested a total of four songs from him, although he’s only sent back one so far.

God Did‘s debut is less than a week away, but it seems the father of two is holding out hope that the 4:44 hitmaker might still come through for him in a big way.

“I gave him four records because he requested four records,” Khaled explained as shots were poured. “I didn’t say he’s on four records… The album comes out August 26th, last-minute magic,” he said, adding “When you work with Hov, and you work with… You don’t ask questions.”

Check out DJ Khaled‘s full appearance on Drink Champs below, and tap back with HNHH later for more hip-hop news updates.