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Snoop Dogg & The Game Won’t Stop Until They See Their “Jerseys In The Rafters”

Via Death Row Records

Via Death Row Records

Snoop Dogg’s legendary status is cemented.

Snoop Dogg is one of the biggest Hip Hop artists of all time, especially in regards to his notoriety outside of the specific artform. People and cultures worldwide have massive love for the 50 year old icon, supporting his wide variety of ventures as he continues to expand and grow. His acceptance the world over doesn’t remove him from his roots, though, as his new album BODR (Back On Death Row) showcases the ability and acumen that produced his accolades.

BODR (Back On Death Row) serves as both a celebratory piece for his recent acquisition of Death Row Records, and a demonstration of the skillset present during the origins of his career. The 18-piece presentation offers a variety of moods and messages, stretching from uplifting to unsavory. One factor doesn’t falter throughout the project’s duration: Snoop Dogg’s lyrical ability.

The track “Jerseys In The Rafters,” which features fellow West Coast native The Game, is present solely as an expression of Snoop’s rapping prowess. He’s stepped into Gospel, Reggae, and R&B in his day, which may leave some questioning his dedication to lyricism and hard hitting prose.

The intro of the song hits on this subject, with a portrayed listener saying “Aye, yo, Dogg. What’s happening with some motherf***in Hip Hop, man? Give us some lyrics, cuh. Some of that real Hip Hop, know what I’m talking bout? Or you lost it, nigga?” Snoop proceeds to deliver what is asked of him, with the classic cadence may have come to know and love.

Listen to “Jerseys In The Rafters” below:

Quotable Lyrics

I’m here forever, n***a, and that’s just what that’ll be,
Look it up, hook it up, charge it to the game until you book it up,
Take a picture, n***a, look at us,
Hit-Boy and Snoop Dogg in the kitchen, nigga, cook it up

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