Travis Scott’s Lawyer Says Rapper Has Been “Locked Away” At Home

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He also insists that Scott was not aware of the devastation happening in the audience while he was performing.

Following the statement made by his spokespersonTravis Scott‘s lawyer is also lending his voice on behalf of the rapper. Scott has faced a slew of backlash following the now nine reported deaths related to the tragedy at Asttroworld, and his attorney, Ed McPherson, sat down with TMZ to talk about Scott’s mindset.

“This would be devastating to happen anywhere, but the fact that it did happen to Houston, which he loves and he has so many people there that he’s close to, it’s particularly devastating,” said McPherson.

“He’s been at his house locked away since this happened and not coming out at all,” he added. “He just, he’s trying to get in touch with the families through the email address that he set up. But he realizes this isn’t about him, so he says, you know, please, families, if you wanna contact me, please do it through my email. Get to my team and my team will get back to you. But he wants to do it on their terms. This isn’t about Travis at this point. This is about the families. This is about healing.”

TMZ hosts wanted to know if Scott would only return to the stage after the families received the answers that they are desperately seeking.

“You know what, I don’t think Travis is thinking about anything about performing at this point. So, I don’t think any decisions have been made. That’s the last thing on his mind right now.” TMZ claimed that Scott had been told to end his set early, but he was not told why or that people were in dire need in the audience.

“My understanding is that he didn’t know and I’m not sure who told him to wrap it early,” said McPherson. “But that is my understanding, yes. That he did not understand the full scope of it until much, much later.” Watch McPherson below.

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