Kanye West & Jordan Belfort Link Up At Sunday Service

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The Wolf of Wall Street paid a visit to last weekend’s Sunday Service.

Since Kanye rebooted his Sunday Service series of choral performances on Oct. 31, it has left many impressions on fans for a few reasons. First, it was because he brought polarizing Marilyn Manson to the stage at the service. Then, he dedicated last week’s performance to the victims of the Astroworld tragedy.

Now, photos of Kanye West and Jordan Belfort hanging out at last Sunday’s gathering have surfaced, as the two chat it up backstage.

It is not known why Jordan Belfort was in attendance, considering the fact that he is a noted business mogul and Kanye registered Sunday Service as a non-profit organization in June. In fact, Belfort has been actively praising the NFT market, and enjoys helping those interested in NFTs.

However, powerful people all get along, and Kanye West‘s proudest accomplishments is being worth more than any of his music colleagues.

Sunday Service performances from Kanye typically include choir performances of some his most spiritual and popular songs from his career. For Sunday’s Astroworld-dedicated show, the one Belfort attended, he allowed a children’s choir to take the reins for a portion of the performance as they sang his most recent album Donda‘s title track, which was the fiteenth song on the album.

Perhaps Kanye will continue to bring stars to his Sunday Service event in the future, as he used to do during his JESUS IS KING era. Or maybe Ye and Belfort have some business up their sleeves in the near future.

Check out the photos of them below.



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