Ireland Baldwin Defends Travis Scott Amid Astroworld Backlash: “It’s Not [His] Fault”

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She criticized the public for spreading “misinformation” about her father, Alec Baldwin, as well as Scott.

As Travis Scott remains on the receiving end of criticism over the tragedies that occurred at Astroworld, he has support from Ireland Baldwin. Recently, Ireland found her father, Alec Baldwin, at the center of controversy of his own. The acclaimed actor accidentally fired a prop gun loaded with real ammunition on set of Rust resulting in the death of a crew member, and immediately, people began calling him a murderer, killer, and pleading with authorities to make an arrest.

Unsurprisingly, Baldwin’s family, friends, and fans have stuck by his side and defended him publicly, including Ireland. This time, she lent her voice to Travis Scott’s scandal and called out those who have been vilifying the rapper.

“Y’all are really killing me these days. You believe everything that you see on Twitter and Tik Tok and completely bandwagon on spreading misinformation,” she wrote. “First you were armory/ stunt coordination pros when it came to the horrific tragedy involving my dad… and now Travis Scott is demonic because he ALLOWED people to die at his show?” Ireland was referencing the viral conspiracy theory videos that have circulated online.

She mentioned being “heartbroken for the families who lost a loved one” before adding that “it’s not Travis Scott’s fault.” Ireland said, “Any actual musician would validate that you can’t see or hear anyone up there. Especially when wearing in ear monitors.” She told people to “do a little research” before going after the rapper.

Read through her message below.


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