Chante Moore Announces Engagement To Former BET Exec Stephen Hill

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The wedding date is yet to be announced, but this would be the singer’s third marriage.

Love’s taken over for R&B singer Chante Moore, who announced her engagement to former BET President of Programming, Stephen G. Hill.

The two recently celebrated Hill’s 60th birthday on a trip together. Moore shared pictures of the two lounging on a boat in the middle of the sea, sharing the engagement announcement and sending Hill birthday wishes with lyrics to “Happier Than the Morning Sun” by Stevie Wonder.

“There are mountains, valleys and hidden coves, full of treasures I’ve never seen before … that are pouring out of your heart! Thank you for showering me with more than I ever expected!! Happy Birthday and I love you! Who knew 30 years ago~ through many chance meetings… we would end up H E R E!?!? But, here we are…. WE will enjoy OUR gift of the “PRESENT!” Moore wrote.

Hill shared the same photo to his Instagram with a caption affirming their shared romantic journey, “This has been my best year ever and the continuation of that best is just beginning.”

“[C]elebrating a solar spin today and am brand new. After 21,915 days…this ol’ heart is skipping the right beats on the regular. May you, right now, at whatever age you are, feel as strong, vibrant and in love as I am right now…at 60. Best birthday ever. I love you.”

This marks Moore’s third engagement. She was previously married to the NBC sitcom A Different World‘s Kadeem Hardison, with whom she shares a twenty-five-year-old daughter, Sophia. Moore’s second husband was singer Kenny Lattimore, with whom she also shares an eighteen-year-old son, Kenny Lattimore Jr.

Moore hinted that she may have met her newest fiance through her job and time in the industry. The former BET executive worked for the network for 17 years, and has previously held roles as executive producer of the BET Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, as well as BET shows such as The Deal and Alicia Keys.

The couple certainly seem to be on the same wavelength. Hills shared an over twenty minute video of the two vibing to music to his Instagram, post-announcement.

Check out the happy couple below. We’re sending our congratulations.

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