Though Dr. Dre has collaborated with damn near every legendary emcee in the rap game, he never ended up connecting with The Notorious B.I.G. At least, no actual music from the pair has ever surfaced; it should be noted that Rick Ross previously teased an unreleased collaboration between Dre and Biggie, telling Angie Martinez that curious parties should ask P Diddy about that particular vaulted cut. While many still cite the feud between the East and West Coast that transpired prior to Big’s death, all signs point to a mutual interest in collaboration between the Bad Boy rapper and the ex-Death Row producer.

Notorious B.I.G.

Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

In fact, Dr. Dre‘s former protege Hittman, who played a pivotal role in the creation of the classic 2001 — read his own words on the process right here — recently shared an interesting tidbit about a posse cut that might have been. One that involved Dre, Biggie, and West Coast veteran King Tee, whose distinctive flow shares a similar bounce to the Brooklyn legend. In fact, Big is said to have held King Tee in high regard, having once praised the rapper as a primary influence.

“From what Mel-Man told me, Biggie was supposed to meet up with Dre at Creep Alley the following night about a possible collabo with him and King Tee,” reveals H.I.T.T.M.A.N, responding to a tweet from KXNG Crooked. “Can you imagine that?!” Interestingly enough, this revelation is in line with the one issued by Rick Ross, fueling speculation that Dre and Biggie were actively able to collaborate, though it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever hear the results.

Still, it’s nice to know that Dre, Biggie, and King Tee were able to rise above a coastal feud, and were they to have actually linked up, you’d have to bet that an absolute flow clinic would ensue.

Check out H.I.T.T’s tweet on the topic below.