With all that has been developing in Yaya Mayweather’s life in recent months, the 20-year-old recently shared that she’s still made time to get back into the studio. For the last few years, Yaya Mayweathers has been dabbling in the music industry as a rap artist, but she hasn’t crossed over into super-stardom just yet. As the daughter of Floyd Mayweather and the expectant mother of NBA YoungBoy’s next child, Yaya’s life is engulfed in the entertainment industry. While it seems that there is much to celebrate as she prepares to welcome her baby into the world, the future is still uncertain for young Mayweather as she’s still awaiting news about her controversial court case.

Earlier this year, Yaya was arrested and accused of allegedly stabbing a woman who is the mother of one of NBA YoungBoy’s children. As that case looms, Yaya shared a brief video of herself in the studio. It’s unclear if she was with someone else or she herself was recording, but considering she has released singles in the past, it has been assumed that she’s laying down some new tracks.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear just how far along Yaya is in her pregnancy, but it’s rumored that she’ll due to give birth in just a few months. Check out the clip of Yaya below.