Mariah Carey Debuts Christmas-Themed Video A Day After Halloween

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Carey is almost ready to take over the X-Mas radiowaves.

We all know that Christmas time is the portion of the year where Mariah Carey emerges from her slumber to take over the radio. That time is almost here, and it feels like it gets earlier and earlier every year. This year, it’s barely November yet Carey is already in full holiday swing. The legendary singer took to Instagram to post a spooky video in the Halloween spirit that immediately turns into a Christmas themed bit.

In the short social media clip, a monster makes its way through Carey’s home before it comes to a door that is covered in cobwebs. The monster opens the door to find the singer inside, surrounded by Christmas themed decorations and clad in a holiday fit. Carey states that “it’s time” with a smile, knowing that her moment to shine is back. Before the video ends, a note reads “But let’s get through Thanksgiving first,” as if Carey didn’t already sidestep that holiday to declare her Christmas dominance.

Carey did a similar stunt last year on November 1st, which helped her “All I Want For Christmas Is You” single reach the top spot on the Billboard charts for the first time in the song’s history. It looks like Carey and her team want to hit that accolade again by getting a head start on the festivities.

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