Stretch & Bobbito Flip Jay-Z, Biggie Verses On “Freestyle EP 1”

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Stretch & Bobbito drop off “Freestyles EP 1” ft. remixes of freestyles from Jay-Z, Method Man, Ghostface, Big L & Biggie.

The legendary Stretch & Bobbito are back in action with a small EP of fire remixes. The pair dug into the vault for some of the classic freestyles on their 90s radio show that included artists like Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, and Wu-Tang members stepping to the mic and making history. As Stretch & Bobbito return to the airwaves with their Apple Radio show, they’ve returned with Freestyle EP 1, the first of three EPs they have lined up. The project is six tracks in total, including remastered remixes of freestyles from their 90s radio show which includes bars from Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Ghostface KillahMethod Man, and Big L (there’s a remix of L and Hov’s classic freestyle, too). The songs have been reworked and remixed by Stretch & Bobbito’s M-19s Band.

Check it out below. What’s your favorite remix on the EP?

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