Love & R&B\Soul

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Hi All ,

So as we proceed from the previous post i was focusing on Hip-Hop Love Song Anthems .

This time I’m Switchin’ back to the R&B\Soul side .

Y’all know that Women love R&B\Soul music , when you with your girl and you’re setting the mood in the right way.

On a romantic night , just you and your woman , ain’t nobody lookin’ or watchin’ .

It’s all about you & her , sharing your special moment.

Through all my relationships in the past years , I always imagined myself and still imagine makin’ love with my  future woman (yeah , she’s there somewhere , I’m optimistic) to those R&B\Soul songs which also referred today as “Slow Jams” .

Basically , It depends on the mood you’re into , you can be sad , lonely , after heartbreak or whatever your mood into , sometimes you feel uplifted and sometimes you’re feelin’ down.

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Here’s some of my favorite R&B Love songs , which part of them also considered “Slow Jams” and also reflects the mood in relationships (Happy\Sad\Emotional) :




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