Salaam Remi brought out all the stars for this new project.

Salaam Remi kicked off 2020 with a new star-studded project titled Do It For The Culture 2.

The tracklist includes an all-star cast of features including Amy Winehouse, Nas, James Fauntleroy, Akon and more. At just under one hour and a half, there’s plenty of content to flip through. With so many great guest artists, Remi had to dive deep into the hard drive to put this one together. He explained that process to You Know I Got Soul back in September, as pointed out by Vibe.

“I’m emptying my hard drive basically,” Remi said. “Before the hard drive dies, let me just share some of the ideas I’ve had. I want to do music when I feel like it. Sometimes when I’m hired by a label and an artist to be their producer, then that’s a service job. I’m giving the paying customer what they want. With the Culture project, it’s all about what I want to do. It’s not about chasing whoever has the most followers that week. That’s cool, but this is just strictly how I want to do it.”

Stream Do It For The Culture 2 below.

Wiley Sends For Dot Rotten On “Disrespect”

Via YouTube

Via YouTube

With new feuds to start the year, Wiley revs up for “Godfather 3.”

Friends turned into foes and Wiley’s made that clear over the past year. The Grime legend went on a few tirades in 2019, slamming a lot of people including former associates such as Skepta, as well as Ed Sheeran and Drake. He even recently went at Stormzy’s neck — an artist who’s consistently shown love for the Wiley since the beginnings of his career.

For Wiley’s latest beef, he’s bringing it back to wax as sends for Dot Rotten who he’s been going back and forth with over the past week. Kicking things off with “Curiosity Killed The Cat,” he followed it up with “Disrespect,” a response for Dot Rotten. Wiley continues to flex his lyrical dominance as an elder statesmen in the game while building the anticipation for Godfather 3.

Check both songs out below.

Quotable Lyrics
No Rotten man can reign in my parade
When I aim at this brother and his mumzy straight in the face
Sit at your mum’s table and I’ll never say “grace”
Even if she said “grace”, because of you I’ll spit in her face
Brother, I’ll wipe dog shit in her face

Eric Bellinger Has More Music For “Cuffing Season” With “Build Something”

Via Soundcloud

Via Soundcloud

Cuffing season still going strong.

The winter season is best for either hardcore NYC rap or some smooth R&B. Given the fact that the coldest months are dubbed cuffing season, R&B is probably your best bet. Eric Bellinger capitalized on this early with his Cuffing Season mixtapes that he’s blessed us over the years. He’s less than two months removed from the release of the third installment but to kick off the year, he wants to make sure that fans have enough music to get them through the entire winter.

Bellinger came through with two new songs recently as part of The Cuffing Collection. “Build Something” is a romantic record that will surely be necessary for any R&B playlist.

Peep his new song below and keep your eyes peeled for new music from Eric Bellinger.

Quotable Lyrics
I approached you little different
I ain’t hit you with no games
When I introduced myself
I made sure you ain’t had no ring

Nothing goes faster than Travis merch.

Travis Scott is essentially the modern day king of merch. Any project he shares – whether it be a single, an album or a Netflix documentary – is accompanied by a collection of thematically-related products. ASTROWORLD was promoted by seven days of different merch drops and Travis’ record label’s new EP, JACKBOYS, is being given a similar treatment.

Last weekend, Travis’ webstore was updated with JACKBOYS hoodies, t-shirts, hats, posters, bumper stickers, keychains, air fresheners, ashtrays, racing helmets, bandanas and beanies. Unsurprisingly, those products sold out faster than you can shout “LA FLAME” and have since been removed from the site. However, if you head over there, you can still enter an auction and a contest to win the most exclusive JACKBOYS items out of the whole lot.

The contest is for a collaboration between Cactus Jack Records and Hot Wheels. The toy company produced a hand-painted miniature model of the BMW M3 E30 that features on the cover art of the JACKBOYS EP. The toy car is housed in a custom acrylic casing with the emblazoned age recommendation edited to read “FOR RAGERS OVER 3 YEARS.” It was originally being sold for $2,500, but if you weren’t fast enough to grab one, you can still enter a giveaway to win one of three.
If the Hot Wheels version of the JACKBOYS whip doesn’t interest you, you could also enrol in an auction for the car itself. And of course, for those interested in the actual music, the JACKBOYS project is available on vinyl, cassette and CD in the webstore.
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