Lil Baby Won’t Make Another Song Like “The Bigger Picture”

Lil Baby says he’s not interested in getting political in his music, revealing that he’s backing away from songs like “The Bigger Picture”.

Lil Baby is done dabbling in politics. He said as much during his new interview with GQ this week.

While emphasis was placed on his drip — GQ is a fashion magazine at the end of the day — the superstar rapper from Atlanta was also asked about everything that has happened this year, prompting him to release “The Bigger Picture” in June. According to him, he isn’t rushing to get back into the studio to make further statements on politics, social unrest, and other issues we’re facing.

“The more I’m seeing what’s up with all that shit, the more I’m like, ‘Let me back up off politics,’” said Lil Baby in the feature, explaining. “I don’t want to be no Malcolm X or Martin Luther [King].… I stuck my nose in it. I’m good on that.”

That said, don’t expect Baby to get political on his next album. He’s done his part and, if he feels compelled to do so in the coming years, he’ll get back to it.

Elsewhere in the article, the rapper speaks about the loss of his friend and collaborator Lil Marlo, whose shooting happened two weeks prior to the death of another friend.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“We’d go a week or two without talking,” he said about Marlo. “It just feels like he’s somewhere handling his business.”

Do you want Baby to get more political in his music or are you fine the way things are?



Lil Wayne & DJ Drama Announce “Dedication 7” Release

Lil Wayne and DJ Drama confirm that “Dedication 7” will be coming out in 2021.

2020 has been the worst year in many of our lives. We’ve witnessed the threat of a third world war, a global pandemic, racism at a new high, and more. And there’s still three full months left and an entire election left.

We’re all looking forward to next year, which hopefully brings us a vaccine and a massive reduction in the number of daily cases, as well as an improved social climate for all humans. As we’re in the midst of a second wave, things aren’t looking very hopeful for many of us, but Lil Wayne is here to lessen the blow of the health crisis by announcing his brand new mixtape, which will be available next year.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

At this point, we could all use some things to look forward to. On his birthday, Lil Wayne was the one to give us a gift, announcing with DJ Drama that his mixtape Dedication 7 would be out in 2021.

The news was announced in a post by Drama on Instagram.

“Happy Birthday @liltunechi‼️ D7… 2021,” wrote the producer and record executive.

The tape has been teased for the last few weeks, with some people expecting it before the end of the year. However, with the release of the original version of Tha Carter V, which is marketed as the deluxe, Weezy F Baby has been unloading enough gifts to keep us happy for the next few months.

Hopefully, we get this one closer to the start of the new year.


DaBaby’s “Blame It On Baby” Goes Platinum

DaBaby’s latest album “Blame It On Baby” has sold over one million album-equivalent units.

DaBaby has only been in the mainstream spotlight for a few years now, but the North Carolina rapper has made a lasting impression on no shortage of fans. Though some have taken to focusing on his flow, DaBaby has continuously pushed himself to deliver, already releasing three projects in two years with Baby On Baby, Kirk, and his most recent album Blame It On Baby. 

DaBaby Platinum Blame It On Baby

 Ser Baffo/Getty Images 

Today, Our Generation Music confirms that Blame It On Baby has officially sold over one million album-equivalent units, thus making it the first of his albums to secure the platinum distinction. As he awaits certification from the RIAA (there always seems to be a delay), it should be noted that his Roddy Ricch assisted “Rockstar” has yet to be issued any official certifications either. Given how wildly popular the single has proven to be, it’s likely that it played a role in propelling Blame It On Baby into a higher sales bracket.

While it’s impressive to see DaBaby‘s continuous ascent, it does come at a time where the temperature surrounding his music has felt divisive. Some vocal critics have asked for more innovation from the dexterous and charismatic rapper, while others have maintained that those desired changes have actually been present on his more recent work all along. Suffice it to say, the once universally praised “Suge” rapper has proven himself to be somewhat of a polarizing figure. Thankfully, he’s got many loyal supporters still eager to hit that play button — are you one of them?


Lil Wayne Secure 30 New Platinum Plaques

Following the release of his updated “Carter V,” Lil Wayne doubled his number of platinum plaques with thirty new certifications.

Not only is the legendary Lil Wayne a commercial force to this day, but his older music continues to keep fans coming back. So much so that he’s easily one of the game’s most popular artists, boasting more RIAA certification plaques than the average rapper could only dream of. With a total of sixty-two gold and platinum certifications to his name, it’s clear that Weezy’s commercial appeal is only getting stronger.

Lil Wayne

 Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

A few days ago, the RIAA officially certified thirty new Lil Wayne songs and albums, nearly doubling the rapper’s stash in one fell swoop. From the look of it, many of this recent batch reached back to some of his older albums, with songs like “Go DJ,” “Blunt Blowin,” “Prom Queen,” “3 Peat,” “6 Foot 7 Foot,” his most popular song of all time “Lollipop” (currently 8x platinum) and many more going platinum once again.

In the wake of Tha Carter V’s Deluxe Versionmany clearly turned to some of Wayne’s older material in celebration of his greatness.  As such, I Am Not A Human Being has gone platinum, Rebirth has gone platinum, Tha Carter II has gone 2x platinum, Tha Carter has gone platinum, I Am Not A Human Being II has gone 2x platinum, Tha Carter IV has gone 5x platinum, and Tha Carter III has gone 6x platinum.

Check out the insane haul over at the RIAA website here, and be sure to show some love to Lil Wayne, who is steadily amassing the numbers worthy of a bonafide best rapper alive contender. Provided, of course, you place value in the whole sales discussion and all.


The Weeknd Gets A Wavy Kenny G Solo For His “Time 100” Performance

You probably heard the sax man last on Kanye’s “Jesus is King.”

The Weeknd recently performed for the first ever TIME100 TV performance show, celebrating the huge cover feature he just scored.

Backed by his touring band, he delivers a stunning rendition of the After Hours cut “In Your Eyes” with a special guest.

Kenny G, the legendary saxophonist who delivered the unexpected but welcome solo alongside the reunited Clipse on Kanye West‘s “Jesus is King,” showed up with another wavy solo.

The Weeknd looked more than happy to play second fiddle to Kenny G, grinning from ear to ear as Kenny did his thing on the soprano sax.

It’s been a good week for the Toronto singer. He recently brought his cult hit “King of the Fall” to streaming services, scored the Time 100 cover, and broke a new Billboard record.

His latest album After Hours, which is more or less directly responsible for the Time 100 feature, gave him the sort of impact he set out to achieve.

“It might not be my best album,” he told Rolling Stone in a recent interview. “But to me, it’s definitely my most perfect album.”

Check out The Weeknd’s performance of “In Your Eyes” with Kenny G below. Do you think we’ll be seeing Kenny G in the culture more often from now on?

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