Ice Cube Doubles Down On Calling AI Music “Demonic”

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Ice Cube is someone who has very strong opinions when it comes to the current state of the music world. Overall, he is more than qualified to have these opinions. He has been through it as it pertains to the industry. From sampling to royalties to label disputes, Cube knows what it is like to have frustrations. That said, there is one new area of music that he absolutely despises. Of course, we are talking about Artificial Intelligence, which has seemingly taken the world by storm.

Although some labels are embracing AI and looking to use it themselves, Ice Cube wants to stay as far away from it as possible. While speaking on the Full Send Podcast, Cube made his thoughts on the matter as clear as possible. “Yeah, I don’t wanna hear that bullshit. He should sue whoever made it,” Cube said in relation to a Drake AI track. This is a sentiment that has received some pushback, particularly from tech nerds. However, Cube stood his ground on Twitter today as he doubled down.

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Ice Cube Makes His Feelings Crystal Clear

“Samples are approved or denied by the song owners,” Ice Cube said. “Totally different than taking a dead artist and making a new song they never approved and saying things they may not agree with. That’s evil and demonic to me.” Overall, it is very hard to disagree with what he is saying here. There are plenty of instances in which AI music has rappers rapping over tracks that were disses towards themselves. It is very nasty business, and many are understandably uncomfortable about it. Unfortunately, the AI tech continues to get better.

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At this point, it feels like no one is going to be able to put a stop to this artificial intelligence trend. A lot of fans like it, and it has led to a lot of unique songs and covers. Although, that doesn’t mean it is a particularly good trend. Once the tech develops, there is a chance some labels will see actual artists as obsolete, which is not good. Let us know what you think of all this, in the comments section below.

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