Rory Farrell made his name through his takes and dry humor on The Joe Budden podcast alongside Mal, though he’s expanding his wings beyond media. This week, the podcast host and manager of Emotional Oranges delivered his second single, “Enough” ft. Jay Electronica and Reggie. His R&B sensibilities take front and center as Reggie’s soothing vocals strike across the record with hazy melodies. As he reminisces about heartbreak and failed relationships, Jay Elec comes through with a verse to seal the deal. Elec’s vivid lyricism digs deep into the emotional weight of failed relationships with sharp wordplay.

The visualizer for Rory’s new single also showcases his acting chops. As Jay Elec and Reggie deliver a smooth jam dedicated to emotional wounds, Rory finds himself in his ex’s home, reminiscing about the good times. He dances with their dog while pouring himself a glass of wine. Eventually, his ex and her new man enter the room as he’s catching a vibe, leading to peak awkwardness. However, Rory eventually wakes up in a bathtub fully clothed, only to realize that it was just a dream.

Jay Electronica & Reggie Flesh Out Rory Farrell’s Artistic Vision

Rory Farrell’s latest effort comes after unloading his debut single, “I Want You But You’ll Never Know” featuring Shelley fka Dram and Alex Isley. The smooth record kicked off the campaign for his forthcoming debut album back in July, though he hasn’t provided an update on it yet. Still, subsequent releases including “Don’t Go” ft. Pink $weats and Sinhead Harnett, a fleshed-out thematic statement that will be apparent on Rory’s upcoming album.

“So much of this album came from conversations we was just having in the studio,” Rory said on a video from his YouTube page. “It wasn’t really like writing sessions where it was like, ‘Alright let’s just fuckin’ sit and do topics.’ We was just having real man-to-man, woman-to-woman type of conversations.” We’re excited to hear what he has in store. Hopefully, a release date comes soon. Check the song above.

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Quotable Lyrics
Love ain’t got nothing to do with it, you could ask Ike that
The heart seem like the perfеct place for you to stick a knife at
How come I gotta ask morе times than you why is you like that
I went to see the man inside the mirror it was Mike Jack