March has been a great month so far for music lovers, with countless new hip-hop and R&B artists delivering singles and projects near-constantly. This weekend in particular saw some exciting arrivals for the latter genre, such as Usher’s “GLU” and Tamar Braxton’s “Changed.” Additionally, Alex Vaughn came through with The Hurtbook (Homegirl Pack), an updated version of her featureless project from last fall.

Rather than conquer the tracklist on her own this time around, the vocalist connected with several talented female starlets. Her LVRN labelmate Summer Walker appears on “So Be It – Remix,” while Muni Long joined her for the uber-catchy “IYKYK.” Elsewhere, Washington, D.C. native Ari Lennox put her vocals to work on the “Demon Time – Remix,” which finds both singers sharing their salacious thoughts over a beat that will make you wish you were bumping and grinding with your boo.

Ari Lennox Reimagines Alex Vaughn’s “Demon Time” with Sultry New Lyrics

“Don’t fight what you feelin’, babe / No need for you to hesitate,” Vaughn tempts her potential lover on the pre-chorus. “It’s taboo the things you make me say / I’m no psychic but I know what you need.” Afterward, she continues to sing about their sex game being “criminal,” ultimately causing her to “overflow.”

For Lennox’s part, she too didn’t hold back on bringing the sex appeal to the collaboration. “Appetite / Got an appetite for this jaguar / Climb that tree tonight,” she croons in metaphors. “Talking to some dudes, but I’m f*ckin’ you / Satisfied.” While she’s admitted to having issues with finding love in real life, in her dreams, the Dreamville leading lady clearly has some wild fantasies she’s hoping to indulge in ASAP.

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Stream Alex Vaughn and Ari Lennox’s “Demon Time – Remix” on YouTube above. Afterward, read more about the former’s The Hurtbook (Homegirl Pack) project here. For more new release recommendations, head over to our weekly R&B Season playlist update to hear the latest from 6LACK, Usher, and more.

Quotable Lyrics:

Alone tonight
I’m alone tonight, I’m on demon time
And you’re on my mind
Got an attitude but you still came through
‘Cause you know it’s fire