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Consequence Talks G.O.O.D Music Artists On “Disappointed”

Consequence comes to Ye’s defense on “Disappointed.

Ye basically dismantled his empire in a matter of months. Though his behavior since 2017 has been largely problematic, most people, including his inner circle, have been willing to work with him regardless. Unfortunately, things took a turn last year following controversial appearances on Drink Champs and other right-leaning podcasts where he spewed anti-Semitic comments alongside a known Holocaust denier. Everybody from fans to friends and family members distanced himself as brands like Adidas cut him off.

Ultimately, it appears that this strained his relationship with artists on the G.O.O.D Music roster. Pusha T, the former G.O.O.D Music president, confirmed that he isn’t part of the label. A month prior, Def Jam said the Ye-founded label was no longer part of their roster. This led close associates like Consequence to air out their feelings towards the signees, claiming that they turned their backs on Ye. “Does Pusha T have a right to distance himself from situations he don’t want to be in? Yeah. He a man. Do those two have grievances behind the scenes that are not being spoke about? Yes, they do,” Consequence explained of Pusha T and Kanye’s relationship.

Consequence Is “Disappointed” In G.O.O.D Music Artists

This week, Consequence addressed his issues with the G.O.O.D Music camp on his new single, “Disappointed.” The song is expected to land on his forthcoming album, NIce Doing Business With You. The effort finds Consequence speaking on his disappointment with numerous members of the G.O.O.D Music camp who turned their backs on Ye when things got rough. “When we in the crisis, you could see whose ungrateful/ The whole label ran instead of having Ye’s back,” he raps on the song.

He elaborated on his decision to release the song on Instagram, explaining that he’s been extremely vocal in the press about his displeasure with numerous signees. Once again, he calls out those who previously signed to Ye for supposedly abandoning him in a time of crisis. “If you were only around for the G.O.O.D. times then you were never on OUR team to begin with…,” he wrote. Check the song out above.

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The whole Label ran instead of having Ye’s back
I guess crabs in a barrel is a curse from being Black
That ain’t the —- that the ancestors died for
That’s the —- that makes the internet July 4th

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