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 J.Cole Featured on Track “On The Street” by J-Hope

Conveyed in both Korean and English, this iconic duo has worked up a soothing track.

J. Cole and J-Hope blend together their unique styles with their new collaboration track, “On The Street.” Hype Labels dropped the music video at midnight Friday (March 3), and this one-of-a-kind project seamlessly brings together two renowned artists, though the partnership may seem unsuspecting. J-Hope initially recruited the Dreamville Records founder for the track based on his admiration for the rapper. Although the artists have vastly different sounds, the combination brought together in “On The Street” makes for a soft and contemplative number.

The song, which features both Korean and English, intermingles the two languages effortlessly. The BTS member cited J. Cole as a musical influence in an interview with Disney+ Korea. “In a way that after I started to make music, I guess his music motivated me like. ‘I should make my music in a certain way,” he said in reflection of the American rapper. “As I started making my music, he was my muse; and I still do respect him. He’s one of the artists that I hope to work with,” the 29-year-old added. J-Hope’s respect for his “muse” has run so deep that BTS even referenced “Born Sinner” with their 2022 song “Born Singer,” which was featured on the band’s Proof album.

J. Cole Cited As Inspiration For J-Hope

When BigHit, J-Hope’s label, first announced J. Cole’s feature on the song, they cited the inspiration behind this solo release. “J-Hope wrote the track to share his candid feelings toward his fans,” the imprint shared. “The title ‘on the street’ refers to J-Hope’s roots—street dance—from which his dream to become an artist began, and the path the artist and fans will continue to walk together.”

All in all, “On The Street” is a soothing track that gently sets the mood for the spring season. At the end of the music video, the two artists meet on a rooftop for a friendly exchange, marking a brilliant collaboration between the two international icons. For more news on hip-hop and pop culture, be sure to check out HNHH.

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