Rihanna’s ASL Interpreter Tells All In New Interview

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Rihanna‘s iconic Super Bowl halftime show was met with anticipation, admiration, and well-deserved praise. But RiRi was not the only one to receive applause from the internet. The halftime show’s ASL interpreter, Justina Miles, earned her own spotlight after her equally energetic performance. Although the 20-year-old Tik Tok star is hard of hearing, she relentlessly worked to make the music performance enjoyable for the deaf community.

In an interview with CBS Mornings host Gayle King, Miles reflected on the days leading up to the performance. According to Miles, she only had a week to practice her interpretation for the show. Miles explained to King, “I practiced for a week and we rehearsed with everybody, the whole show. We ran through it, again and again, all week.”

Miles Makes History As An ASL Interpreter

Miles initially gained nation-wide recognition after her notable halftime show interpretation. Not only was she admired for being the first deaf female interpreter included in the Super Bowl, but Miles also was applauded for her spot on the conveyance of Rihanna’s songs. “I know all the songs, I was confident, I was like yes,” Miles told King, “so, what I did was look over the lyrics make sure I got all the meanings right.” So how was Miles able to convey music to those who are deaf and hard of hearing? “I memorize the lyrics and the beats,” she explained, “so that way, I can sign the lyrics and move to the beat so they can see the beat rather than, they can’t hear the beat.”

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The 2023 Super Bowl included deaf ASL interpreters for the first time in history, and Miles was joined by Colin Denny and Troy Kotsur. In a press conference held before the Super Bowl, Miles mentioned how important the performance is for “not only for me to share this experience with the whole world, but to really bring that empowerment to millions and millions of Black deaf people all over the country who’ve never really seen that before. I feel that is truly lifting every voice, even my voice.” Despite her young age, Miles has already inspired many through her historical achievement. As for the future, she is currently attending Bowie State University with hopes of becoming a nurse post-graduation.


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