Chris Brown Calls Out White Celebrities With History Of Domestic Violence

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Chris Brown continued his tirade against critics of his history of abuse by posting white celebrities with histories of domestic violence on his Instagram Story. Moreover, he included Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Steven Seagal, Nicholas Cage, Slash, and more. Furthermore, these posts responded to criticisms of his abusive history, which sparked again after the announcement of his Chlöe collab. Also, he recently complained about not getting the Best R&B Album award at the Grammys, disrespecting Robert Glasper. Overall, Brown’s vindictive journey is causing outrage and ridicule, especially after a recent Story post.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 17: Singer Chris Brown performs onstage during the 1st annual In My Feelz Festival presented by Umbrella MGMT at Banc of California Stadium on December 17, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

“If y’all still hate me for a mistake I made as a 17-year-old, please kiss my whole entire a**!” he wrote. “I’m f***ing 33! I’m so tired of y’all running wit this narrative .. You weird a** n***as are the same ones that tune in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean Rock beat the f**k out of each other in front the world. But that’s ok? It’s entertainment? All y’all can suck my d**k disrespectfully. Where are the cancel culture with these white artists that date underage women, beat the f**k out of their wive, giving b***hes AIDS? Oh. That’s right.. they are your buddies. No more fake love from me.. Stay out my way or get ran over simple as that! None of you and I mean none of you n***as can f**k with me.”

Not only that, but the R&B singer recently responded to a fan’s suggestion that he perform the Super Bowl. “Never shawty..” he responded. “American media AINT FA me. Rather be where I’m welcomed.” Also, he recently attacked singer Kiely Williams for calling out his violence against Rihanna. “I’m getting kinda tired of Ya broken PROMITHIS PROMISTHIS,” he clapped back. “Obviously you are at a point in your life where either you are very broke or broken. THE FACT you think you have to speak negatively about me makes u look so lame.”

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“YOUR LIFE AND CAREER MUST SUCK RIGHT NOW,” he continued. “Minding your business WOULDNE been best. but I guess you don’t have a business or a real job that makes u financially stable. I feel more embarrassed for you and your actual maturity.” Regardless of his comments,

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