Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, meaning it’s the perfect time of year for R&B artists to show off their skills. Whether you’re looking for a lover’s anthem, a heartbreak ballad, or something to snuggle up with your sneaky link to, the stars have surely got what you need. One new arrival that’s specifically caught our ear comes from Baby Rose and Smino.

The single, “I Won’t Tell,” follows last year’s “Go” and “Fight Club” dual release. Additionally, it comes along with an announcement that the female singer has another album coming this April. Speaking on her work in a press release, Rose says, “[It’s] a fun record that came out of a sleepless night in LA jamming with friends. It was 4 AM when we started on it and with our inhibitions gone, a magic surfaced that allowed us to just flow.”

Image provided to HNHH by Allen Jiang

“When I began to write it out, I wanted to embrace my own chaos, my shadows. Then Smino slid into it effortlessly and that’s just what this song is, effortless. He’s one of my favourite artists because he’s authentically him and you can’t pin him down to any box,” she went on to praise her collaborator.

In the Audrey Ellis Fox-directed visual, fans see Rose conducting an over-the-top heist that goes terribly wrong. As “I Won’t Tell” comes to an end, viewers are treated to yet another surprise in the form of her “Paranoid” single within the same video.

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Her forthcoming project, Through and Through will “show Rose like we have never seen or heard her before.” With its arrival, she plans to carve out a lane for herself that remains sonically unrestricted by genres. Besides singing, the Los Angeles-based starlet also happens to have a talent for songwriting and executive production.

Stream Baby Rose and Smino’s groovy “I Won’t Tell” single on Spotify or Apple Music below. Afterward, tell us your thoughts in the comments. Additionally, you can find more release recommendations when you check back tomorrow for our R&B Season playlist.

Quotable Lyrics:

My fabric cut different
Bitch, look at the material
Won’t say nothin’ ’bout what we did
Or done did
I hold my laugh in when yo’ n*gga walk in