Ray J Says 50 Cent “Took A Dump” In The Middle Of Pitch Meeting

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A pitch meeting went south, says Ray J, after 50 Cent decided to use the restroom. The Breakfast Club continues to filter through its guest co-hosts, and recently, Ray J joined the famed radio show. Angela Yee’s departure has offered an empty slot, and during the singer’s appearance, he shared a tale about a FaceTime meeting with Jackie Long and 50 Cent.

“One conversation that me and Jackie had with 50, 50 was moving around. I don’t know if he didn’t like our idea or he liked it and he was just like, ‘I gotta in before I get on the plane.’ But Fif, Fif just took a sh*t in our meeting.” DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God needed clarification and asked Ray to explain.

LAS VEGAS – SEPTEMBER 08: Singer Ray J, Rapper 50 Cent, boxer Floyd Mayweather arrives at the Absolut VMA Party Hosted By 50 Cent in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on August 8, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage)
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The Love & Hip Hop star said it was a FaceTime meeting set up by Jackie Long, and “50 took a dump.” Ray questioned if Fif going to the bathroom in the middle of a meeting was his way of quietly saying he wasn’t impressed with the pitch. Charlamagne Tha God added 50 Cent wasn’t going to like Ray sharing this private information.

“To me, I felt it was gangster,” said Ray J. “It was like, you a little homie. I feel like we got little homied in the meeting because maybe the idea wasn’t good.” Charlamagne didn’t think it was that deep and simply stated that Fif just needed to go. The three men laughed at the scenario, but Charlamagne wasn’t convinced that this was a true story.

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Meanwhile, 50 Cent hasn’t responded to the strange account. However, he’s known for taking aim at people, regardless of their industry status. His reputation as a troll has also served him well, and his fans are waiting to see if he goes after Ray J for this one. Check out the story above.

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