Quality Control has remained one of the leading labels to hail out of the South in the past 10 years. However, they’ve also recently expanded into film, television, and sports as they plot out global domination. They’re one step closer to their goal as Hybe acquired Quality Control Music in a deal led by Scooter Braun. Hybe’s acquisition of Quality Control includes the entertainment company’s sports, music, television, and film branches. Hybe America entered the deal to merge and acquire QC, valued at $320M in stock and cash, per Variety.

It’s an impressive move, as it marks the first for Braun as the sole CEO of Hybe America. Scooter’s relationship with Kevin “Coach K” Lee goes back to the early 2000s when he lived in Atlanta. “I’ll never forget riding around Atlanta over 20 years ago with Coach discussing our dreams and ambitions… Now, all these years later, we are joining forces to make these dreams a reality,” he said. QC now joins management company SB Projects, who manage Quavo, and Big Machine Label on HYBE’s expansive portfolio.

Quality Control Co-Founders Coach K & Pierre “P” Thomas Speak

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HYBE’s global imprint can benefit the Quality Control brand and its artists. Pierre “P” Thomas detailed how HYBE understood the work put into the company to build it from the bottom, “and aiming sky high.” He added, “The artists of QC are our focus and their best interests will be incredibly supported with this partnership.”Coach K echoed a similar sentiment, explaining that HYBE will allow them to reach “global ambitions we’ve had in our scope since the beginning of our company.”

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Though many celebrated the deal, some criticized QC for “selling out.” P responded by stating that there’s “no value in separation.” As a leading Black-owned label, he explained that the deal only leads to more opportunities. “Stop thinking people are selling OUT. Instead, see people are selling IN and see that you are building something to create more for everybody,” he said, adding that these opportunities aren’t often provided to Black entrepreneurs regularly. “Let’s stay inspired and celebrate the blessings and leveling up and breaking of barriers,” he concluded. Check out his post above.