Lyfe Jennings Claims He Was Robbed Of $120K Worth Of Jewelry

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Thieves have always seen entertainers as a way to earn a quick come-up, and Lyfe Jennings was the latest victim. Artists have been warned about traveling to certain areas, especially as home invasions and burglaries seemed to be on the rise. The police have even missed statements about celebrities being targeted, and that’s just what happened to Jennings when he was in Oakland.

Jennings shared his story on his Instagram. “I’m in Oakland today, you all know, four sold-out shows,” he said. “And I just come off stage, and I got down to Oakland, I pulled up to this spot, again, another place I wasn’t supposed to be.”

MABLETON, GEORGIA – MAY 14: Singer Lyfe Jennings performs onstage during An Evening Of R&B concert at Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre on May 14, 2022 in Mableton, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
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Jennings continued, “Pulled up to a spot, went inside, saw some cats, blew up and basically, busted the windows out of the thing.” The singer claimed the robbers then “snatched my little book bag. It’s like $120K worth of jewelry and my computer, my ID, passport, credit cards.”

In the caption of his video, he added, “$120,0000 gone!! Smh could put 100 on a head but what would that solve.” Jennings mentioned that he was only coming forward about the robbery because others could learn a lesson from the experience. He didn’t reveal the descriptions of his assailants, but his fans are thankful that he came out of the incident unscathed. Other artists haven’t been so lucky.

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Pop Smoke was killed during a home invasion robbery in the Hollywood Hills. Additionally, music mogul icon Clarence Avant’s wife was murdered at their home in a similar incident. Several artists and music managers in the Atlanta area have also fallen victim to thieves. Tyrese shared that his car was stolen from his home’s driveway. It was reported that one of the mothers of Future’s children was also targeted in a home invasion. Hitman Holla wasn’t home when four people broke in, but his girlfriend was. She was shot in the face during the robbery.


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