Tension is brewing on Twitter between Mouse Jones and Joe Budden. These two have had heated discussions in the past, so to see this exchange isn’t much of a surprise to those keeping track. Things kicked off after Jones tweeted a harsh criticism of Budden and Noreaga. “NORE & How Budden are two of the dumbest n*ggas on God’s green earth,” Jones wrote. The message wasn’t lost on Budden.

He replied, “That’s hate. And you don’t fight well enough for this.” Quickly, their followers tapped in and began firing off their own commentary. Mouse gave a simple response: “Prove it.” Budden then brought up an altercation involving Jones and seemingly threatened to release proof.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – APRIL 25: Joe Budden attends Brooklyn Chophouse Grand Opening at Brooklyn Chophouse on April 25, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)
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“I have the video of you and some other loser attempting to fight over a girl,” wrote Budden. “Literally the worst fight ever recorded. Pls don’t make me monetize off you. Stay blessed.” Jones didn’t take the jab lightly, and he threw a few verbal fisticuffs of his own. He mentioned the domestic violence accusations that have haunted Budden’s career.

“Josephy, you’re 50yrs old & have never won a fight,” said Jones. “We can ask @Union_N_Jackson to discuss when he f*cked you up. Stop playing with me. You only win fights with women. The internet flunkies are fooled, thats it. You talkin to me. Literally, all your greatest hits are women.”

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It doesn’t look as if Budden issued a response. His ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose previously alleged that he was violent during their relationship, which lasted for several years before they broke up in 2013. “I’ve been beaten before,” she said during an interview. “He hit me on that nose, then pushed me down a flight of stairs.”

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There was also speculation about Budden’s relationship with Cyn Santana. The pair share a child and were even engaged, but they eventually split. In 2020, a leaked audio surfaced purportedly of Santana speaking about alleged abuse from Budden. The controversy took over timelines, but for a brief moment before thing dissipated.