Ne-Yo has written some beautiful love songs throughout his career, but that doesn’t mean they’re inspired by his romantic life. Unfortunately for the R&B artist, the last year has been a tough one for his personal relationships. Last August, his wife, Crystal Renay filed for divorce from the vocalist. At the time, she claimed he welcomed a child with another woman.

Crystal Smith and Ne-Yo attend the 2022 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Momodu Mansaray/WireImage)

Those allegations have proven to be true in recent months. While he and his ex were able to finalize their separation a few days ago, the other woman in his life is venting her frustrations about the situation on social media. In a recent upload, she reflected on the pain of finding herself pregnant with Ne-Yo’s baby while he was married to someone else.

Recently, @itsbigsade shared maternity photos on her feed, along with a lengthy message airing out her feelings. “Angel of mine,” she began. “Coming to terms with the delicate circumstances. When I felt like I just couldn’t take on another load, especially at the expense of another person’s happiness… Sometimes even my own… Wasn’t the easiest decision.”

“However, I have to choose me,” the expecting mother went on. “Therefore, I have to choose you. The JOY Braiden gives me every day strengthened me and let me know I can do this gracefully.” She adds that her intention is to go through pregnancy with “love, compassion, and penitence” for her wrongdoing.

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In conclusion, Sade says she’s patiently waiting for her little one’s arrival and is ready for the journey they’ll go on together. Additionally, she acknowledged that plenty of lessons and blessings lay ahead for them both. “I can’t wait to meet you my buttercup!! xoxo MOMMY.”

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At this time, it remains unclear if Ne-Yo plans to play an active role in his new child’s life. However, the expecting father has been using his new status as a single man to get up close and personal with some fans. Check out a video of him caressing a woman twerking for him late last year here, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.