Young Guru took to Instagram to remind people that he doesn’t have access to tickets to Beyoncé’s upcoming tour. “Listen I work for Jay-Z,” he wrote on his Instagram story on a black screen. “I do not have Beyoncé tickets!” While it might seem funny at first glance, he already received plenty of messages, most likely. After all, given the recent Ticketmaster fiasco for Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny’s tours, it should be really hard to witness the Queen. Still, as reactions to her tour announcement went viral online, just as many people gave up hope.

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“Not even Hov got tickets,” one defeated commenter wrote. However, a lot of people commenting on coverage of Guru’s post don’t believe him. “Jay-Z is the best plug Young Guru could have, to getting Beyonce tickets though,” another fan wrote. “Stop the [cap emoji].” Meanwhile, others joked about how this sort of thing is common for industry vets. “Lmao His Dm went haywire,” a commenter posted. “I know Hov left every group chat he was in once the tour was announced.” While many spoke pessimistically of their chances to get tickets, some are still on their grind. “Nah n***a you got them tickets, where they at?” a user demanded. “Run me two tickets…. Just two.”

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 26: Gimel ‘Young Guru’ Keaton serves as panelist for the Real Talk Drives Real Change Tour at Lincoln Theatre on June 26, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, the RENAISSANCE tour’s announcement arrived shortly after Beyoncé’s private Dubai show, which reportedly netted her $45 million. With such spectacle in mind, it’s no wonder that the star producer would find it harder to nab tickets. Regardless, fans all over the world will be able to experience RENAISSANCE live, starting with her European leg. Moreover, the tour starts in Stockholm, Sweden and move to Paris, Amsterdam, and beyond. Then, her North America tour begins in Toronto and will travel across major U.S. cities.

Still, what do you think of Young Guru posting a PSA-like message that he doesn’t have Beyoncé tour tickets? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments down below and share your strategy to nab seats.