T.I. Says Young Thug “Expresses Gratitude” More Than His Own Artists

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The “Free Thug” movement hasn’t ceased since Young Thug was arrested with dozens of others on RICO charges. The hitmaker has remained incarcerated as eight others have accepted plea deals, including Gunna. Thugger and 13 other co-defendants hope for freedom after fighting their case in court. On the outside, the rapper’s celebrity peers have continued to rally for his release. While on Drink Champs, longtime friend T.I. advocated for Young Thug.

“He kinda consider—he like, ‘Yo bro, you were the first major artist to rock with me, to believe in me,’” said T.I. “That was a major look for him. At least, according to him. And, you know, he just always express his gratitude and that’s more than I received from a lot of my own artists that’s on my label that I had a hand in they career, for real.”

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“And, he just…he a real good dude, bro. I don’t think—everything that’s goin’ around, I think it’s a test,” T.I. further said. “It’s a test, and it’s gon’ become his testimony. All he gotta do is continue to stand tall and stay solid, and I believe God gon’ work everything out.”

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T.I. shared similar sentiments about Young Thug during his recent appearance on Club Shay Shay. The Rap mogul spoke kindly about Thug to Shannon Sharpe, even revealing that he passed on giving the rapper and 21 Savage money in the early stages of their careers. According to T.I., it wouldn’t have benefited them the way they believed, but now, both artists expressed gratitude for giving them wisdom instead of shelling out money.

“Because if I give you a million, I gotta take back some that’s gon’ be way more, and we ain’t gon’ be able to be friends no more,” he said at the time. “And I always tell them, don’t worry about the money up front ’cause it gon’ come. I remember telling that to Slime, I remember telling that to 21. And even Savage, anytime he see me now, ‘Hey, it came.’” Check out the clip of T.I. on Drink Champs above and stay tuned as the full episode drops later this week.

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