People often take to social media with crazy tales about their interactions with celebrities, but Sammie is denying an alleged sexual encounter. A woman hopped online and said that many years ago, she “used to be a naked dancer” who was “pretty poppin’” at her job.

“There was this Atlanta singer that I had always been infatuated with, girl, as a child,” she said. “You know how you be watchin’ videos, watchin’ 106 & Park growing up… I had finally got my hands on this man’s number!”

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According to the woman, the celebrity in question saw her profile online, reached out, and exchanged information. She claims they texted for a bit before he invited her over to his home.

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This is where things get strange; after she arrives at the residence, the pair discuss what would go down.

His kink is that he wanna like, chase you,” she said. “So, like, he got a lotta trees and stuff, backyard, and his kink is he wanna chase you and catch you… So, here I am, like the Blair Witch Project, booty jigglin’, like, ‘Oh my god! You gon’ get me!’ In the woods. I was scared for my life.”

ATLANTA, GA – NOVEMBER 06: Singer Sammie performs onstage during The Millennium Tour at State Farm Arena on November 6, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)
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Although she repeatedly refused to name the person, in her comment section, she seemingly confirmed it was Sammie. However, after the video began circulating online, the singer jumped into the conversation to respond.

“Stop the cap,” he said. “Respectfully.”

It is unclear if the woman returned with a reply, but her story spread like wildfire. Check it out above.