Ludacris just dropped a wonderful freestyle on his Instagram page, showing us once again that he’s still a top dog. Moreover, he uses the beat from “Adam and Eve” by Nas and Kanye West off of the New York MC’s 2018 album NASIR. However, Luda definitely puts his own spin on it with his Atlanta delivery and boastful wordplay. “Unconventional indispensable rhyme zone,” he begins. “Sky dweller, Rolex, f**k a time zone / My watch feelin’ like Pac, it’s all eyes on / And I’m the truth in the booth, get your lies on and go and put the fries on.”

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – JANUARY 15: Ludacris performs during halftime of the NFC Wild Card playoff game between the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium on January 15, 2023 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

Moreover, this isn’t the first time that the Atlanta kingpin dropped a quality verse off the dome on the IG. In fact, a freestyle from last year contributed to a debate on what “is and isn’t” Atlanta. “I brought millions of dollars to the city / Now the whole world jack Atlanta / I was wondering if this was propaganda / To get more juice than Tropicana / Overheard this song, I was shooting a movie, I told them to stop the camera / To say, no matter what block Atlanta / No city can opp Atlanta / Ever since the South had something to say, nobody can stop Atlanta / They won’t top Atlanta / We don’t knock Atlanta / We got proper manners / But the whole world know we’ll cock a hammer.”

Furthermore, the 45-year-old’s skill and wisdom extends far beyond hip-hop, even in small ways. For example, he shared inspirational words from his hot tub on New Year’s Eve last year. “Cheers to 2023,” he shared. “Wishing everybody love, peace, happiness, and challenging y’all to do some new sh*t in the new year that you ain’t never did before. I love y’all. Cheers.” Also, he captioned the post with “Let The Past Be The PAST.” Furthermore, the much-honored MC also spoke recently of how his career moves into acting, however doubted, became fruitful.

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“When you come into it as a rapper,” he told Las Vegas Weekly, “people have a certain idea about you in the first place. So you have to go hard to not be looked at as some form of your regular everyday character.” Regardless, check out Ludacris’s impressive freestyle above. Also, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and heat from Luda.