While some people are still resisting TikTok, an increasing number of celebrities have joined the platform over the past few months. Many of them participate in the app’s countless ongoing viral challenges. While some certainly leave us laughing, others leave us in sheer awe of their talent. The latest to have her followers feeling the latter is Aquamarine actress JoJo.

On Monday (January 30), the R&B singer tried her hand at recreating a daunting riff from Beyoncé’s bold return to the stage in Dubai earlier this month. Standing in her kitchen, Jo straightaway attempts to match the Houston native’s incredible vocal performance.

“Beyoncé got all of us singers losing our minds trying to do this,” she wrote over the clip near the beginning. As she continues to stretch her voice, the former child star explains with text, “This is one of my favourite riffs I’ve heard in a long time.”

On her third try, JoJo finally gets the sound she was seeking. She then confidently belts out the run with gusto. “Tbh when I heard it I got tears in my eyes,” she admits of watching Queen B’s show.

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“(Yes I’m an emotional bitch). I’m so touched by her command, mastery over her entire range, use of scales we aren’t used to hearing every day in Western music.”

In the comment section, countless viewers and celebrities have been gassing the “Too Little Too Late” singer up. “JoJo never got the credit she really deserves,” one popular response says. “[People] slept on her. Her vocals are top tier.”

Others wrote, “That’s close enough, when does tour start?” and “The flawless transition to your higher register at the end??? Hello??? Joanna?!”

JoJo attends the OUTLOUD: Raising Voices Concert Series at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on June 06, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

When she’s not participating in viral vocal challenges, JoJo can be found making and performing beautiful songs of her own. Her most recent project, an EP called trying not to think about it, landed in late 2021.