It’s an album that has prompted a highly-anticipated worldwide tour, but Joe Budden claims Beyoncé fans think Renaissance is “mid.” The Hip Hop commentator cracked a few jokes about Drake fans having to “get low” or duck out of sight because he released a “mid” album. During the conversation, he quipped that Bey’s fans know what it’s like because they felt the same way about Renaissance.

“Do you know how tough it was for us Drake fans to go get low for a few months,” Budden said in the clip. “If you don’t, you can just ask the Beyoncé fans right now. Maybe y’all don’t see when the fans collectively go get low, but I do. One of the best in the world, we can’t pop our sh*t, ’cause y’all tellin’ us it’s mid at every turn. Every week, n*ggas asking, ‘Oh, you heard some of that sh*t outside? ‘Cause I haven’t!’ That sh*t was like a stab in the heart.”

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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – JANUARY 21: Beyoncé performs on stage headlining the Grand Reveal of Dubai’s newest luxury hotel, Atlantis The Royal on January 21, 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Mason Poole/Parkwood Media/Getty Images for Atlantis The Royal)
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Renaissance is Beyoncé’s first solo album since 2016’s Lemonade. It arrived with an epic rollout and dominated the charts—and nightclubs—across the globe. Beyoncé, her team, and her hitmaking collaborators were praised for interpolating Black house, techno, electronic, and dance artists who helped pioneer the genres but were often overlooked. It wasn’t the quintessential R&B-Pop record that people expected, but her core fanbase seemed to understand the message.

The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and this weekend, we’ll learn if it takes home the title at the GrammysRenaissance is nominated for Album of the Year and Best Dance Electronic Album. These accolades don’t seem lost on Budden, who hopped into The Neighborhood Talk’s comment section to clarify. They shared the clip of his comments on Renaissance, and Instagram users quickly called him out.

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“I loved B’s album, if y’all comprehension is off just say that,” Budden wrote. Still, the internet is unrelenting, and the BeyHive is fiercely protective. Check out a few reactions below.