Bubba Sparxxx says that he failed at being the “second coming of Eminem.” The 45-year-old rapper reflected on his career during a recent interview with VladTV.

He began by discussing his second album, Deliverance. He released the project in 2003 under Timbaland‘s Beat Club imprint.

Bubba described the LP as having a “different sound”

He explained: “Tim and I had really went in and did some soul searching and we decided to swing for the fences, you know what I’m saying?”

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – JUNE 07: Bubba Sparxxx performs during YoCo Vodka Friends & Family event at The Cowan at Topgolf on June 07, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Sara Kauss/Getty Images)
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He continued to say that there was a lot of excitement for his career following the “We Ready” collaboration with Archie Eversole. “And I was ready to go get with Lil Jon and come like that. But Tim was like, ‘Think about this: what if we made the music that sounded the way the ‘Ugly’ video looked?’”

Afterward, Bubba reflected on his rivalry with Eminem, explaining that he and Timbaland felt like they were competing with Eminem and Dr. Dre.

“There were some areas where maybe I was stronger than him. But there were some areas where he was more experienced,” Bubba said. “First of all, he was older than me when he first came out … We was just two different human beings on a different journey.

“This is something that Tim and I have discussed too. Yeah, I failed to live up to being the second coming of Eminem. He failed to become the second coming of Dr. Dre in that situation. Even as far as getting caught up in that line of thinking of that’s what we’re competing with. Or we’re trying to match up with this standard of feeling like that was the pressure that was on us, though, in that building.

From there, he added that he and Eminem were always cool with one another. However, fans still viewed them as being two different teams in a competition.

“But even just feeding into that line of thinking was a mistake, a grievous error on our part. And we definitely fell short of that [on the first album],” he added.

Check out Bubba Sparxxx’s interview with VladTV below.