Consequence has shared some new details about the time Beanie Sigel saved Kanye West from getting his chain snatched while he was eating at a New York diner.

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper sat down with The Art of Dialogue for an interview published on Tuesday (January 31) during which he was asked about the incident involving Beans and Ye. Confirming it definitely went down, Cons explained more details about the night.

“Ye hit me the same night in the situation with the girl,” Consequence began. “I think it might have been a chick named Sydney or some shit like that. He took her out. You know, n-gga one-two’ing. Listen, n-gga running around with a Roc-A-Fella chain on. You know what that shit do for your pussy rate? Pew, pew, pew! Shit gone!

“I wanna say he had the shit off of Dame neck,” he continued. “Yeah, he had the shit off of Dame neck so he had the shit with the cuban in the shit, ice just shining. N-ggas seen that man in there and was like, ‘Yo!’ N-ggas was at the Chelsea Diner on 23rd street. N-ggas hit n-ggas wit the muthafuckin’ Raekwon and Ghostface skit. ‘Word? What do we have here?’”

He added: “I was in Queens. I woulda had to get on the train with the gun and all that shit. But you know, fortunately [Just Blaze’s recording studio] Baseline wasn’t but five blocks away. They came over and held a n-gga down. I always fucked with them n-ggas for that shit. They ain’t have to.”

Beanie Sigel first shared the story in an interview with VladTV back in 2012. “He felt threatened,” Beans recalled. “[I let the potential robbers know] nothing was going to go down – not while I was there. Nothing was going to happen to him. [Kanye] wasn’t being paranoid; they had chairs pulled up to his table where he was eating at with his friends, and they wasn’t eating. It was real.”

Though they did fall out over the years, Beanie and Kanye have since rekindled their friendship and were spotted in the studio together last year. Ye also gave Beans his props in a 2021 Drink Champs interview, crediting the Broad Street Bully with coining his ‘Yeezy’ nickname.

“[Yeezy] was Beanie’s name for me when I was in Baseline [Studios]. Like on some, ‘Oh, that’s Yeezy,’ make him one of us. He let me wear his State Property chain. He really just embraced me.”

Elsewhere in Consequence’s new interview, he also spoke on saving Big Sean from getting dropped by G.O.O.D. Music before the Detroit native blew up.

“Here’s the thing with the Big Sean scenario. Kanye met Sean on a radio stop,” Cons said. “He spit for him. Sean did go through a little bit of a hazing with some of the other labelmates. I’m not gon’ say who or whatever the case is. But you know, it was like, ‘Oh he wanna be baby Kanye.’


“Listen I judge people on who they are and who they present themselves to be to me,” Cons continued. “And Sean at that time was cool, just wanted advice, looked at me like a OG. Why wouldn’t he? That was the situation. Did Sean do everything perfect? No. But I did think that me going through the heartache and heartbreak of going back to Queens after the Tribe situation, I always had empathy for anyone whose deal was on the line.”

“There’s nothing equivalent to being dropped. Like I said, it just feels like everything that you worked for is over. It doesn’t seem like there’s a tomorrow and I would never wish that on nobody. And so when that conversation was being had, I just had a pro-artist approach to it and I was just like, ‘What is he supposed to do after this?’”

“And I was right because at the end of the day, regardless of whatever discrepancy or whatever the fuck, you know Sean has contributed to the legacy as a rapper and nobody could that take from Big Sean.”